Clinical rotation

Clinical Rotation, Mumbai

What is the program about?

The Clinical Rotation program in Mumbai is a chance to learn about healthcare delivery and health problems faced by communities in an urban setup. The Indian healthcare industry is seen to be growing at a rapid pace and is expected to become a US$280 billion industry by 2020. Rising income levels and a growing elderly population are all factors that are driving this growth. In addition, changing demographics, disease profiles and the shift from chronic to lifestyle diseases in the country has led to increased spending on healthcare delivery.

“Another factor driving the growth of India’s healthcare sector is a rise in both infectious and chronic degenerative diseases…This troubling trend can be attributed in part to substandard housing, inadequate water, sewage and waste management systems, a crumbling public health infrastructure, and increased air travel.” – PricewaterhouseCoopers

Why should I attend?

If you are interested in international healthcare and want to learn more about urban health care in India then this program is ideal for you.

Who can attend?

You could be a pre-med, medical student, public health student or nursing student who is interested in international health.

Where is the program?


Why Mumbai?

In spite of substantial reductions in mortality rates over the years, health care in Mumbai remains far below the expected level. The management and disposal of waste is a huge problem. Diseases resulting from a lack of hygiene are predominant. AIDS, Tuberculosis, Chronic respiratory problems due to air pollution- are endemic among a large fraction of the population. Malaria and polio also make occasional appearances.

What should I expect to do on the program?

  • You can work with doctors in general and surgical hospitals. Apart from shadowing doctors during OPD consultations, students get an opportunity to observe general and oncology related surgeries.
  • You will get a chance to be part of the medical as well as the outreach program of organization working for people affected and infected by HIV / AIDS.
  • A day trip to Leprosy hospital can be arranged for those interested in this India-specific illness.

How can I make a difference?

42% of India’s children below the age of three are malnourished, almost twice the statistics of sub-Saharan African region of 28%. Diseases such as dengue fever, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria and pneumonia continue to plague India due to increased resistance to drugs. India's public health delivery infrastructure is characterised by an overly bureaucratic legal and regulatory framework that fails to protect the interests of vulnerable groups or generate the trust of providers or the public. You can work closely with local doctors and specialists and participate in outpatient clinics, ward rounds and observe surgeries and other medical procedures.

What is the duration of the program?

Minimum 2 weeks

What are the costs?

Application Fee: $45

For individuals: USD 2680 (inclusive of 15% service tax) for a 2 week program, USD 659 (inclusive of 15% service tax) for every additional week

For Groups: USD 2308 (inclusive of 15% service tax) for a 2 week program, USD 580 (inclusive of 15% service tax) for every additional week. I am interested in forming a group. Tell me more.

How do I avail of the lowest cost?

If you can team up with 2 or more friends who are interested in the program, you can form a group to avail of our subsidized group prices. Click here to learn more about how to form groups.

You can also partner with BEYOND BORDERS to avail of our special institutional prices. To partner with BEYOND BORDERS write to us at with the subject line “Partner”.

We may have a scholarship available at this time. Click here to see if there is an exciting scholarship cost available!



What is included in the program fees?

The program fee includes the following:

  • Pre departure orientation and support
  • Airport pickup on arrival
  • Transportation from Mumbai to Program site (in case the program site is different from Mumbai)
  • Cultural adjustment, health and safety orientation.
  • Program orientation and overview by qualified program personnel (Program Director/Academic Director/Sr. Program Managers)
  • Local sim card on day of arrival
  • Shared accommodation at BEYOND BORDERS guest houses. The accommodation at all BEYOND BORDERS program locations is secure, centrally located and basic but comfortable.
  • Most BEYOND BORDERS guest houses have power backup, hot water, modern amenities, internet access, television, a well equipped kitchen, day staff for cooking and cleaning .
  • Three meals a day: Indian vegetarian meals. BEYOND BORDERS does not serve meat at guest houses for health and hygiene reasons. Often curries or breakfast might include eggs. Vegan meals can also be arranged on request.
  • Support during program activities and monitoring (Program activities are Monday to Friday. Weekends are free for students’ personal travel).
  • Weekly reviews of the program with qualified program personnel (Program Director/Program Manager/Academic Director). This includes reviews of the participants learning, contribution to placement organization, facilities, logistics and program content.
  • Help/support/certification in completing participant’s requirements for academic credit.
  • 24 Hour emergency support (7 days a week).

The cost does NOT include:

  • Any overnight accommodation in Mumbai if your flight arrives before program date.
  • Daily local transportation. (Proper guidance will be provided to participants on how to use local transport systems.)
  • Air ticket to India, visa fees and any travel insurance will be the responsibility of the student.
  • Weekend and overnight excursions outside the program activities will have to be paid by the students directly.
  • Expenses of personal nature like table drinks, fruits, juices, other snacks or personal preference meal items, mineral water, international telephone calls, or any other expenses which are not included in the above list, would be borne by the students.
  • Airport Drop at the end of the program is not included in program cost.


Cindy Klinger, Georgia state university, USA

Cindy Klinger, Georgia state university, USA

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Jayme Aargon, Oregon university, USA

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Alexandra Spicer, UTS, Australia

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