Bollywood Film & Marketing Program

What is the program about?

This customized program is a combination of the Bollywood Film & Media program and the Bollywood Marketing program.  It provides a sneak peek into the world of cinema and helps students learn about how films are made and also get a deeper insight into the commercial aspects of one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Students get to understand how films are crafted and skillfully-marketed to help them become money spinners. Watch Bollywood films, attend film shoots, meet film professionals, visit post production studios to learn about the inner workings of Bollywood alongside an exposure to the professionals from marketing, public relations, distribution, digital marketing, cinema management, and work on a student project during the course of 3-weeks to understand the nuances of Bollywood film industry first-hand.

Why should I attend?

If you’re intrigued by the popularity of Bollywood  films, you wish to know the inside stories of setting up film projects, pre-production planning, post-production efforts, budgeting, promoting, advertising and other marketing strategies to make a film successful, then this program is just meant for you.

Who can attend?

If you are a student of Film & TV, Business, Marketing, Communications, Mass Media, Liberal Arts, Creative Industries or simply someone who wants to learn the business of films, this is the right program for you.

Where is the program?


What should I expect to do on the program?

Informational lectures and meetings: Students have one-on-one meetings with directors, cameramen, scriptwriters, producers, marketing professionals, distributors, PR and publicity agents. They get to interact with industry professionals in their own environment. This gives students an understanding of the processes and people involved in the making of a film as well as marketing of a film; including production, direction, post production, finance and distribution.

Attend Shoots: Students spend a few days on a film set to get a behind-the-scenes view into the world of set designers, prop houses, casting directors, production executives, action directors, stunt masters, make-up artists, fashion designers, lighting men, spot boys, music directors and other cast and crew. Shoots include those of films, television and reality shows and sometimes ad films.

Post Production: Students also visit post production studios to see editing, color correction, visual effects, audio post and background music and song recordings.

Case Studies: Students build case studies around the films they view and professionals they shadow, thereby understanding the various aspects of marketing.

Production:  Students focus on planning, budgeting, conventional methods of fund raising, in-film brand integration, impact of corporatization and understanding crowd sourcing and crowd funding.

Distribution and Exhibition Processes: Visit distribution houses and multiplexes to understand exhibition of films in cinemas.

PR and Marketing:  Students get to visit PR offices and an event for creating publicity of the client. Students also get an overview of marketing big budget, small budget and independent films, and the different modes of marketing through digital, radio and print medium to understand how films are advertised.

What is the duration of the program?

3 weeks

What is included in the program fees? 

The program fee includes the following:

  • Pre departure orientation and support
  • Airport pickup on arrival
  • Transportation from Mumbai to Program site (in case the program site is different from Mumbai)
  • Cultural adjustment, health and safety orientation.
  • Program orientation and overview by qualified program personnel (Program Director/Academic Director/Sr. Program Managers)
  • Local sim card on day of arrival
  • Shared accommodation at BEYOND BORDERS guest houses. The accommodation at all BEYOND BORDERS program locations is secure, centrally located and basic but comfortable.
  • Most BEYOND BORDERS guest houses have power backup, hot water, modern amenities, internet access, television, a well equipped kitchen, day staff for cooking and cleaning.
  • Three meals a day: Indian vegetarian meals. BEYOND BORDERS does not serve meat at guest houses for health and hygiene reasons. Often curries or breakfast might include eggs. Vegan meals can also be arranged on request
  • Support during program activities and monitoring (Program activities are Monday to Friday. Weekends are free for students’ personal travel).
  • Weekly reviews of the program with qualified program personnel (Program Director/Program Manager/Academic Director). This includes reviews of the participants learning, contribution to placement organization, facilities, logistics and program content.
  • Help/support/certification in completing participant’s requirements for academic credit.
  • 24 Hour emergency support (7 days a week).
  • Airport Drop at the end of program only for groups.

The cost does NOT include:

  • Any overnight accommodation in Mumbai if your flight arrives before program date.
  • Daily local transportation. (Proper guidance will be provided to participants on how to use local transport systems.)
  • Air ticket to India, visa fees and any travel insurance will be the responsibility of the student.
  • Weekend and overnight excursions outside the program activities will have to be paid by the students directly.
  • Variable student project expenses are not included. These include
    • Equipment hire including cameras, lights, camera stands, grips, dollies etc. We  encourage students to bring their own cameras for this purpose. The project focuses on narrative, story and does not put too much emphasis on technique. Hence, simple DSLRs or HD cameras found on smartphones, tabs or automatic cameras can easily be used. You can address your queries about these to the academic director of the program through
    • Professional Talent.
    • Props, sets, costumes and any other shooting expenses
    • Location Hire. Mostly payable if shooting in studios or professional shoot locations
    • We provide 10-12 hours of editing time on a Final Cut Pro (FCP) with a trained editor/operator. Additional hours are billed at a nominal cost.
  • Expenses of personal nature like table drinks, fruits, juices, other snacks or personal preference meal items, mineral water, international telephone calls, or any other expenses which are not included in the above list, would be borne by the students. 
  • Airport Drop at the end of the program is not included in program cost for individuals.


Cindy Klinger, Georgia state university, USA

Cindy Klinger, Georgia state university, USA

I think BEYOND BORDERS is a professional organization that had a good grasp for what we were looking

Jayme Aargon, Oregon university, USA

Jayme Aargon, Oregon university, USA

Mark and I toured Dharavi last weekend and one thing that stood out was how self-sufficient this com

Alexandra Spicer, UTS, Australia

Alexandra Spicer, UTS, Australia

Thank you to you both once again for providing such an amazing experience, this is truly one I will